Monday, October 22, 2012

Owl Post

I've created . . . an owl!
Enjoy this Halloween video. Instructions for the card below.

This is an A6 card

To make the speckled paper for the front wing, I added Arnold Grummer yellow anglewings botanicals to white pulp. The tree branch is made from magazine paper-- so, recycled but not handmade. The rest of the owl is made with handmade paper.

To get the black outlines on the wing, face and branch, glue the cut out peices onto a slightly
larger peice of black paper and trim very close to the shape.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Berried Treasure

I used used chalk to color the dragongly cast.
Arnold Grummer "Dragonfly" cast  adorns the top of a plastic rasberry container, transforming it into a treasure box.

By making a mortise in the blue paper you create a frame for the dragonfly cast.

To make the mortice, add a heavy square of wood or plastic (I used a piece of linoleum) to the medium pour mold before you add the paper pulp. I also tied a ribbon around the large white grid and mesh screen, so that I could make a smaller sheet of paper.

 Center the dragonfly cast on the box lid and place the wet sheet of paper over it centering the mortise over the cast.

Mold the wet sheet of paper to the plastic lid, carefully tearing the sheet at the rim. Don't wrap the sheet around the rim or the box won't close. Make sure to leave the hinge at the back of the lid free of paper.
Cover the outside of the box with another sheet of newly made paper.
Use a square of wet paper to cover the inside of the lid, so that the bottom of the cast does not show.