Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Easter's on the Way

Here's a little cotton tail, hopping down the bunny trail.
This bunny was made with the Rycraft  mold from Arnold Grummer. I followed the instructions for making a paper cast with cotton linters, then let it dry. After gluing the dry paper cast to a jar, I surrounded the bunny with bright green pulp. The inside of the jar was coated with sky blue paint. I like the 3D effect I got from the paper cast and the thick paper pulp.

Here is a similar scene with a more colorful bunny. I used chalk to color the paper cast.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Magnolia Paper Cast

I love flowers!

There is something so intricate and delicate about the  Grummer magnolia cast mold, I can't stop making them.

Colored chalked produced some beautiful effects. They remined me of those lush draperies from the Forties.

Ink stamp pads also worked well.

I like the little squares just as they are, but I had to try them on glass jars.  Place the wet cast directly on the glass jar. Used the mortise techniqiue to cut a frame out of a sheet of new wet paper and lay that sheet on the jar as well, placing the opening over the cast.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Classics

My favorite bookstore has several bookcases stocked with the Loeb Classics. I love these little green books. Here is my version. I made these volumes by placing tiny strands of with pulp on the still-wet green pulp, then pressing like crazy. The owls are made from two shades of white handmade paper. A perfect card for anybook lover.

One of many shelves of Loeb Classics at The Seminary Coop