Monday, November 26, 2012

A Walk in the Woods Advent Calendar

With thick, layered handmade papers, you can create a charming and personal advent calender. The images on this calender are all color copies of my own artwork. For your own tiny pictures try reduced color copies of photographs, magazine images, children's artwork, postage stamps, rubber stamps, wrapping paper . . .

I made the calendar by layering three kinds of white paper onto a large blue sheet, made in the large pour mold.

A partial sheet of white paper, made with printed paper makes the snow.
White pulp from clean white paper for the three birch trees.

For the pine, I made several small sections
using the curve in a cookie cutter, then layered
the sections to form a tree.

For the snow covered pine, I added glitter to whte pulp.

I tried to cut around the images, so the doors are not uniforn.
The mumbers are made with stamps.
I used reduced color copies of artwork for the little picutres.

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  1. The most charming and personal advent calendar I have ever seen. I see a phenomenal gift to grandparents with pictures of grandchildren and their reduced artwork. Thank you, Susan.